Magnetic Poetry

Our latest tool in Spanish language learning


Our latest find, at a toystore in Seaside, for language learning. I bet this will be great for English and Spanish. 

Today’s Spanish camp was a trip downtown via public transportation, to the Chinese gardens, and lunch at Pioneer Square. I asked, “What was your favorite part? Was it the bus? The train ride? The garden?” 

“EVERYTHING!” Ah yes. Usually there is a definitive answer from this kid. The enthusiasm was genuine. 

Next week, he wants to bring one of his new Dr. Seuss books (in Spanish) to share with everyone. 

Early evening crankiness continues after Spanish day. So far, this passes after dinner. I know it’s part ‘out of his comfort zone’ all day and part exhaustion. And after dinner, he’s still interested enough to flip through some Spanish language books on his own. I take that as a good sign.


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