Twist of Fate

For us, it all started with a sign on the side of the road.

Spanish Immersion Public School

I inquire for more information and attend a public meeting to get the details. A few of us gather in an upstairs meeting room at the local public library: small school, one-way Spanish immersion, Singapore math. There was no location, no staff, no approval from the district to open. Never mind those details, I’m hooked. We submit our enrollment application. I am inspired by the passion and energy of the group.

Fast forward 12 months. Our school has a 5-member board of directors, a contract with the school district, a home, a principal, an administrator, four teachers, and a group of very dedicated volunteers.

The roadside sign wasn’t up long, a few days at most. I think to myself, what if I hadn’t pulled my car over that day to write down the name of the school ? There have been so many challenges to getting the school up and running: charter negotiations, lease negotiations, insurance negotiations, employment contracts, grant applications, non-profit status applications, enrollment logistics, public outreach. The list is long and exhausting.

Our team is inspiring. The energy is contagious. Families are connecting and building relationships, starting a community. The school will open in September after years of determination, sweat equity, joy, and tears. And here we are, down to the last few weeks before opening day. There will be celebrations.

And for us, we would not know about this great place, if it wasn’t for that sign on the side of the road.


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