Just wondering

I’m just wondering…

What will it be like – to have my only child enter the big, wide world of public school? A first grader. A big kid in the eyes of a kindergartener, yet the little kid on campus.

I’m wondering, what will it be like for him to play on the giant playground? I close my eyes and see him running, jumping, and playing games with new-found friends. I imagine him in science class, PE , math, social studies, art, music. I’m wondering what it will be like for him to have his own desk, his own pencil box, his own books, responsibilty, school work…

I’m wondering what will it be like for him, to learn it all in a language he does not yet understand?

I’m wondering what will it be like for our family those first few days… weeks… months. Will he love it? Hate it? Beg to go? Beg to stay home?

I am wondering how I will handle all this change. 

Can I be brave enough to let go, but still hold on tight?

Just wondering…


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