First Day of School – part two

Me: Devlin, what was your favorite part of school today?

Devlin: Second recess. And when we came in, I got ‘dragon’s blood’ hand sanitizer from my friend Olivia!

My observation – happy kid.  Lunch was eaten. He requested more grapes in his lunch for tomorrow. And a chocolate milk for dessert. He seems un-phased by the introduction of the second language. I was expecting some hesitation or concern on his part. Not today!

I will confess, I was going to take pictures once I got there and I didn’t. We had a crazy downpour! I never got a break from the rain to get some kids together for a shot, so tomorrow, that is my objective.

We did skip soccer practice tonight. I’m not a fan of that. He was tired and already soaked from a very short walk in a torrential downpour. I’m a softie and didn’t want to push it and end up with a disaster on a good day.  He is, after all, barely 6. He can have sports pressure later. Today, we celebrate!


One thought on “First Day of School – part two

  1. So excited for you and what a great first day report! As you know, I’ll be an avid observer of Devlin’s first year at Arco Iris. We’ll be prepping Casey for his first day of first grade at AI all along…

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