First Day of School!

Today is the big day! After a mild panic about being late due to unexpected traffic, we managed to arrive pretty much on time. Cubbie chosen, desk found, friends hugged, and name tag applied. Then we made our way into our community room, where I left our new first grader with the rest of the school kids (and a few parents) for morning assembly from our principal.

The sight of all these kids, nervous and excited, filing into OUR school with their uniforms on, was enough to bring me to tears.  At least I waited until I got to my car…

This school has been 2.5 years in the making, including a year of my involvement as a volunteer and school board member. It seems like a lifetime, with so many hurdles and roadblocks to tackle. But here we are, opening day! It couldn’t have happened without our amazing team of volunteers and staff, and a fantastic school board to run the details. We are blessed with such a sense of community already.

More on first day details coming soon! I will give a report, and some photos, once I hear things first hand from some students.


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