Day two – What did you learn today?

I know, it’s that question I think every parent asks their child after school. Usually I just ask him to tell me about something exciting that happened. Today, I joined in with parents around the world and asked:

Me: “What did you learn at school today?”

Devlin: “I learned about being responsible, respectful, and safe.”

Me: “Who taught you about all this?”

Devlin: “Maestra Nardy.”

What does this mean for me? That he’s absorbing the concepts of Positive Behavior Support (our adopted model for behavior) in two languages. Don’t get me wrong, this is introduced by our principal (in English) every day at morning assembly and reinforced by our teachers (in Spanish and in English class) throughout the day.

I arrived today to observe a playground with happy, energetic children, and smiling parents. My son was no exception – happy and obviously content in his place there.  Was there stress in his voice after day two? Not an ounce.


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