Day 3 – Glowing

I am glowing. My heart was warmed this evening with an amazing and detailed report from my son on his third day at school. Tonight was another reminder of why I love to hang with him for a few minutes after lights-out at bedtime. Highlights:

1) Being picked as a “scout” to identify students acting safe, respectful, and responsible during English class. Not only did I get a full story of who he picked, but when I asked him why, I got a detailed reply about what that student was doing to demonstrate his respectful behavior.

2) Being asked by the principal to help a classmate who was having a difficult time. His heart is so genuine and he was proud to be a help to a buddy, who he also names as one of his favorite friends.

3) Being called to the front of the class to demonstrate (verbally and physically) what the teacher was saying and doing. I would have been mortified by such a request! Oddly, he enjoys this kind of thing, despite being born to introverted parents.  And I love that he’s doing this in Spanish. There is such comprehension with total physical response techniques.

Here comes Friday!


One thought on “Day 3 – Glowing

  1. How awesome, Deonne. That just brought a big smile to my face. I just heard from a 3rd grade parent today that her daughter has come home 3 straight days in a row saying “This was the best day of my life!” It is wonderful to create such spark and excitement about school!!

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