The mid-morning crash

I know this isn’t just an immersion school issue. But this is the first time I’ve actually received reports back about it from teachers.

You see, Monday I fed my son pancakes for breakfast. I thought adding a glass of milk was enough.

Not a chance.

Apparently, by 10:30 he was tired, unable to focus, and not at all himself. He was unable to complete the simple tasks routinely completed by him the days prior. Later, he was found laying in the grass under the tree by our principal. He said he was trying to take a nap.  When I arrived to pick him up, his English teacher and his principal were discussing his odd behavior.

On my way home with him, it occurred to me – he’d crashed and burned from the carbo loading breakfast.

Tuesday I added some chicken, apple, and maple sausage to his morning meal.  Marked improvement, according to one of his teachers.

Note to self – feed this child more protein at breakfast.


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