I’m sooooooo tired…

<insert your whiniest voice ever>


Yesterday he told his teachers he couldn’t do is sight-word spelling test because, “I didn’t have enough protein at breakfast. I’m too tired…”  What have I created!

We have capped television viewing in the evening, moved bedtime 30 minutes earlier, and increased our reading time to 30 minutes. I’m still waking him in the morning after almost 11 hours of lights out. I know he’s working hard and playing hard and eating well. But now I’m at a loss.

I sent him to school today on a tummy full of chicken sausage, toast, and milk after almost 11 hours of sleep. He had no excuse, right?  I inquired this afternoon how he did on his Spanish spelling test. We practiced last night, he got them all. Today, he tells me, “I only wrote down one word because I was hot and sweaty and soooooooo tired.” Ugh. He spelled a few in the car to me on the way home. Oh the frustration!

I can’t decide if I want to be upset by his unwillingness to participate and frankly what a lame excuse! Or really, was he tired and that unfocused? I don’t know. We decided that next week he would try every word, otherwise we would have consequences at home (his choice). I’m all for letting the teachers handle this stuff, but I sure am frustrated – he knew it!


2 thoughts on “I’m sooooooo tired…

  1. It was Friday and even with all of the excellent progress in that classroom, we still had crying and weekend excitement going on. Chalk it up to being a Friday and a warm sunny one at that. Remember, they had two spelling tests this week!

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