A fun new game

I’ll pass the credit here along to our friends at SpanglishBaby (again). Thanks to them I found a new game that our son and I had fun playing together this morning. Most of the games I have found to date are preschool level type games and he gets bored with these quickly. This one we played together, and we both had fun.

Mindsnacks – A language learning program, disguised as a game, in an application for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  Available in four languages, it comes with six games that cover basic vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills.  When you use it for the first time it asks you to take a short quiz to asses your language level and then it keeps track of your learning process.  The games are definitely fun and challenging, even a bit addictive, while at the same time teaching you and your kids language lessons.  This one is for early readers through elementary.  Price is $4.99.  http://www.mindsnacks.com/

This morning Devlin and I played the first level with numbers. This particular game lists a number (in English) and you have to spell it in Spanish. You do as many as you can in 90 seconds. He’d read the number in English, call out to me the Spanish equivalent, an I would type it in.  OK, I had NO IDEA he already knew that “nineteen” = “diecinueve”, and honestly I didn’t know how to spell it. Level one makes sure you master these numbers, 0 through 20, in a series of timed games. Master one game and it unlocks others that are harder. And even kids who know their numbers in Spanish, it would be a great way to reinforce some spelling also.

A few hours later, I caught him counting backwards from 20 to 0, in Spanish.

Best $4.99 I’ve spent in a while.


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