Sleep and nutrition

I’m somewhat of a foodie. We make choices in our food considering facts like how it was produced and where it came from. You know, pears from USA instead of Chile. I cook a lot, we eat whole foods, and have reduced the amount of over processed stuff that comes in the house. This kid has never had white bread for crying out loud. For almost a year, we only ate meat purchased directly from a local farmer.  Simply put, I’m all about good nutrition.

Apparently, it wasn’t good enough.

I’ve come to realize that I must be diligent with what goes into this kids body. And it’s not just whole food offerings, but the types of food – whole grains, protein, fruits and nuts. But even more detail, sometimes it needs to be cheese and crackers instead of grapes. Breakfast now must include milk instead of juice. I thought I had it down. But I have realized after a week of reports from teachers on his attitude, energy level, and lack of focus that I needed to make some change.

Today there was progress, and good reports of hard work and focus!

I’ll chalk some of this up to sleep. This weekend our little guy slept 12 hours Saturday night. He’s needing 11+ to keep up. There are no complaints from him either, so I know he’s tired.

He told me today that he felt good, worked hard, and “wasn’t tired at all today!”

Of course, these kids don’t come with an off switch. I remember begging  crying for one when he was an infant. This kid never slept. And true to form, I can hear him chattering now and it was light’s off an hour ago.

Two steps forward, one step backward. But I’m hoping for another good day tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Sleep and nutrition

  1. Wow, this post could have been about me and Cole. Last night he was chattering away, an hour after he was supposed to be asleep, in fact he fell silent after I turned off the hall light, which was probably what was feeding his alertness. And he’s been sleeping 11-13 hours for the last week or so, and he’s touchy, touchy! in the mornings and after school. Too bad I can’t get him to drink milk. Hopefully by the time he has to go someplace that doesn’t have a 9:30 snack, he’ll be doing that!

  2. Maybe he’s hyperactive, but sometimes when I hear teachers say “he can’t focus”, I also ask myself if they can’t focus they are learning a second language and perhaps the teacher isn’t using enough strategies to make it understandable for second language learners. But on the other hand it can just be that he has a problem focusing. Does he have a problem focusing in English? If not, it may be a second language instruction issue.

    And regarding the tired thing, I remember that when I first went to study in Costa Rica and was immersed in another language and culture I was exhausted for two whole weeks. And I even knew intermediate spanish! I can imagine how exhausting it must be for kids initially learning spanish.

  3. Thanks Melanie.
    It’s not a focus thing. He can sit and focus on tasks when he wants to, usually. His English teacher told me that the following week he wrote all his sight words for a spelling test (two weeks worth) in one sitting.

    It’s funny because he’s still tired at the end of the day (our school day is 7:45 – 3:45!) but sometimes he’ll cry when it’s time to go. I even give him an hour+ of running around outside after school and he’s still upset. But he’s certainly ready for bed at the end of the evening.

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