It’s happening

Monday is my day to volunteer at the school.  First graders have an incredible amount of energy, and a seemingly endless need to use the bathroom.  I made a lot of trips with kids to the bathroom on Monday.

I heard a lot of “mira” (look) and “eschucha” (listen) in the classroom. It was fun.

We have a rule at school that everyone must walk on the asphalt paths to and from the bathrooms. We had too many trips/falls and scraped hands the first week. And from a safe, responsible, and respectful standpoint, we can’t have kids running ahead and causing distress of those who are our classroom helpers (line leaders and door holders). Having a job in first grade is super important, and they take it very seriously!

On my way to take a group of six (3 boys and 3 girls) to the bathroom, I heard my son spontaneously blurt out a couple of sentences in Spanish. I stopped in my tracks. The kids follow suit.

Me – “What did you just say?”

Devlin – <again, same sentences, in Spanish, which I can’t type out due to my limited Spanish>

Classmate – “That means we have to walk, not run, on the way to the bathroom!”

Last weekend he was jumping on his bed, counting backwards from “viente” (twenty) to “cero” (zero). We played a game on the computer and he knew that “nineteen” was “diecinueve” – both written out, not just the numerals.  He has been singing a song in Spanish about the vowels.

This from my boy who could only count to ten and name a few colors in Spanish a month ago. For me, I’m excited to see where he’ll be in January and at the end of the school year. I understand that knowing how to count to 20 isn’t a big deal, especially for a first grader. But here we are reinforcing what he already knows, in another language. Now that is a big deal.


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