Dough for Dollars

We attend a charter school. It’s kind of like private school because the school is small, classes are smaller, and our staff is hand picked. And the curriculum is different (read – more difficult) than regular public school. Parents have to sign a commitment letter to get their kids to school on time, send healthy lunches, support their child’s homework, etc. Charter schools are funded with tax dollars instead of tuition.

Except, our district takes 20% of our state funding. They don’t have to, but they do. Politics and public education go hand in hand.  We lose out on some serious money.

So, we’re always looking for donations. You think regular public schools are strapped for cash, imagine running a school on an 80% budget! We have a lot of volunteers to help make this happen. And we have donations from our families and the community.

Pizzacata is generously donating 20% of their daily sales on Tuesday, December 7th to our school. What an amazing gift back to the community. And let me say, our school is an amazing community! While 20% of daily sales doesn’t seem like much, that can total a lot of library books. Or sponsor a teacher training day. You get the idea.

So, if you live in the Portland/Beaverton area, please consider indulging in pizza from Pizzacato, 14740 NW Cornell Road, on Tuesday December 7th. They are donating to a great cause next week!



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