Interview with a 6-year old

I thought it would be fun to interview our son and get his thoughts on all this school stuff:

Me: “What is different for you from kindergarden to first grade?”

D-man: “First grade is more fun.”

Me: “Why is first grade more fun?”

D-Man: “Because sometimes when it is raining we don’t have to go outside, we can have free time inside.”

Me: “What do you do when the teacher says something in Spanish and you don’t understand?”

D-man: “I can raise my hand and then ask a friend in class.”

Me: “What is the hardest part about learning things in Spanish”

D-man: “I dont know Spanish very well.”

Me: “What is your favorite word in Spanish?”

D-man: “I like ‘libro’ because it means book. And I also like ‘loco’ because it’s very funny. And when I say, ‘Yo soy loco’ that means, ‘I am crazy.'”


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