Winter Break and a New Year

We had a two week break from school. I will admit, I was at first hyped and motivated to visit the library multiple times, do worksheets and lessons for math, English, and Spanish, play hours of Spanish music, and limit the television.  Unfortunately, motivation flew south with the birds, and I fell short on accomplishing my vision of perfect motherhood.

Our boy was so excited to do his math homework that he did it all in one night, the first day of winter break. This includes practicing the dreaded 1-minute drill 5 separate times. It’s a list addition problems the kids need to finish in under a minute. We made it a game and each time he got faster, but never finished under 90 seconds. But progress was made, and he had fun instead of whining about the timer. A first for everything!

We are reading Harry Potter, in English, of course. I’m sure that someday he’ll be reading it in Spanish. But that would take the fun out of it for me, or force me to learn more Spanish.

We did manage to make a couple of trips to the library. Each trip included selecting a book in Spanish. I will post a video soon of him reading the latest one. I am amazed how fast this kid picks up reading. He reads with confidence and that makes us all smile.

One thing I did succeed with was listening to a lot of Spanish music. I not only found some great Christmas music on iTunes, but the CDs in the car were played for HOURS. He loves the music and now when he’s off playing, he’s singing to himself Spanish songs. I will catch him skipping outside while making up new versions of classic Spanish tunes.

I am looking forward to 2011 and what this adventure brings our family. It has been fun and a lot less stressful of a transition than I anticipated.


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