Comprehending it all

We have “morning meeting” at school every day. Our teachers lead 15 minutes of content for our entire school. Usually it’s social studies related and it’s all conducted Spanish. They end morning meeting by singing the school song together (De Colores), then it’s off to class for math.

Usually I am busy in the office (like making coffee for our teachers) during morning meeting. But one day this week I sat in, and it was my first time in probably 2 months. The daily instruction was a review of our Positive Behavior Support model – being safe, responsible, and respectful young people. They discussed different ways that they are currently demonstrating this behavior throughout the day – walking on the sidewalks, working quietly at your desk, finishing our school work. Our teacher was asking students for examples.

These kids knew exactly what was going on, and actively participated. Even our boy raised his hand and was called on for an answer. He provided his answer in Spanish. Another beaming moment for me, and he didn’t know I was in the room to witness.

I asked him that night what morning meeting was all about. I got a great summary! We are 4-months in and really I am amazed by the kid’s quick grasp of a second language.


2 thoughts on “Comprehending it all

    • I am ready!
      I am patient and can’t imagine what it will be like years from now, and honestly I’m jealous. I see his progress to date and am amazed. He sings mostly in Spanish now. And he has classmates that just started the end of November and their mom tells me the same thing! I need to get video of him reading. Maybe tonight I’ll get to that. It will be fun to look back on years from now.

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