Random thoughts

I struggled with a title for this blog. It took me days to finally come up with something. I had random notes all over my desk as ideas came to me. Too bad they don’t make note pads for the shower. Isn’t that where all the good  ideas come to you?  I should carry a notepad when running. My brain just can’t stop storming during a run.  But I digress…

United by Language. Maybe we are united by ‘A’ language? Not really. Spanish is an integral part of our program, but English is a priority and a necessity. And ‘United by Language(s)’ just doesn’t sound right. And despite our desire for a second (or third) language for our kids, the simple fact is, our state standards judge our kids by their English (and math) learning, not by the quality of the Spanish learning.

Maybe it was the desire for a language program that unites families in our school. But not all have come for the language learning. Some send their children because we offer a robust mathematics program that students can’t get in other public schools in the area.  So perhaps ‘United by ‘A’ Language and Math’ is more accurate. But it’s too long to type in!

I will say this: However we became united, that is what we are. I have never seen so many passionate, dedicated, and hard working families come together. Our volunteers are working on numerous committees from fundraising to outreach to site readiness.  There are countless hours donated every week to our school – everything from vacuuming to making phone calls to bathroom breaks for the little kids to community outreach. They scrub and scrape desks, copy worksheets, build a library, become landscapers for a day, make sure children’s hands are washed, mend ouchies, and sing praises to our collective children.

Maybe I should have named my blog “United by the Quest for Quality Education and a Strong Community”.


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Even if the state doesn’t recognize Spanish in it’s accountability system, you are my heroes for creating a multilingual school. We need schools like yours to create positive multilingual communities within the larger English-only types of communities that seem to dominate everywhere.

    • Thank you! We are trying to create a few hundred multi-cultural, multi-lingual learners. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible journey. Now we need to kick off programs for our passionate parents!

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