Art day

Today was all about art and artists. All the kids painted canvases. This one is ours to share:


Mid-year thoughts

We are officially 100+ days into the school year. Currently, our school angst is related to math, not Spanish or the language differences. I must say, I am quite surprised. He can take an entire Spanish lesson about the 5 senses without a blink, but will flip out over a 1-minute math drill.

As I look ahead, I think a lot of where we will be 4 or 5 years from now. We survived the initial transition into a school full of foreign language. I imagine the days when he will chatter with new-found friends, on a playground or in another country, in his second language. I’ve seen it happen with other kids, and we are paving the way for ours.

What am I seeing at home right now? Singing. Lots of singing. And he was never a big singer before now. He will be working on a craft or picking up toys while quietly singing a new favorite, “¡Que Bonita Bandera!” and “En el Puente de Sevilla”.  His singing makes me want to travel to Spain so he can see the modern Alamillo bridge, which looks spectacular at night, and Triana’s bridge, for some history. Then maybe I can photograph some of the amazing fountains, tile work, alleys, and fruit markets along the way. My camera and I have a bit of a fascination with port cities too.

So until we plan another foreign travel vacation, he’ll have to just keep on singing. And that’s fine with me.