We have twelve weeks left of school, not including spring break.  No, I’m not counting down. I am just getting used to having a first grader. It seems as though there is a lot of momentum, less stress, more fun, increasing maturity. It’s fun for us at home as we listen to the events of the day. He’s less tired, more focused, certainly more hungry. I know he’s growing in more ways than just clothing sizes these past few months.  A few come to mind:

Reading in Spanish. Tonight he read to me “Oso pardo, oso pardo ¿Qué Ves Ahí?” and he sounded like a natural. I was impressed. Maybe I am biased. But coming from not knowing the Spanish alphabet a mere 6 months ago to reading a children’s book unassisted, he is proud of himself too.

Singing in Spanish. He loves children’s music in Spanish and so that’s what is playing in the car most of the time we are in it together. But we’ll catch him singing to himself at home. Some songs he just makes up on his own. If he doesn’t know the Spanish word, no problem! He’ll make one up that sounds good.

Naming items in Spanish. This is a fairly recent development. He’ll randomly name things in Spanish when we are at the store.  But it only happens if I’m not asking. If I ask, he claims to not know. No party tricks for him. Though today in the car, I said, “I want spring!” and he said “Quiero primavera!”

Discussing Spanish lessons. Another new development, he’ll now occasionally talk about his lessons in school. I think just like any other student, the last think he wants to talk about at home is school. He also has flatly refused to discuss Spanish at home. I know it’s normal, and I’m happy to maybe see us past this mini hurdle. He’s been more open to freely explain to us continents, cardinal points, map reading, our body’s senses. He’ll rattle on with phrases I don’t understand (time for Spanish lessons for me I guess!).

Spring break preparations must mean another trip to the library for new books in Spanish. This might be another excuse for us to visit the new frozen yogurt shop next door.  ¡Muy bien!