The drawback of summer vacation

This is exactly why I’d like to have year round school – this long, 10 week summer break. Now really, I love summer break. I loved summer break as a kid. Fact is, I also love spring break and winter break. I’d like a fall break too. Our kids are learning and working so hard, their little brains need breaks. But not 10 weeks. Here’s why –

Speech emergence! Our son is just really now (in the last few weeks) getting comfortable in trying to speak Spanish, without being asked to. In fact, he’s starting to go out of his way to talk with a few of our Spanish speaking parents. He’s rattling off sentences as I drive, and then I have to ask him to say it again in English. If you say something to him in Spanish, he’ll do his best to answer you in that language. It’s fun, and exciting, and really a great milestone in language development.

Ah, summer break. Why do you come right at this critical time?

So we head to Mexico soon to visit family. He can’t wait to get there and practice his Spanish. We have Spanish summer camp in July for a few hours of language fun every day. August will be up to me. I’ll need to think of something! Reading? Movies in Spanish? Or maybe I’ll not worry, and we can relax and enjoy our last few weeks of summer. I like that idea.