How things should be

The hour is late (after midnight) so I will keep this brief.

We had more time in Mendoza due to a 2-hr flight delay. No worries, LAN airlines called us 4 hours ahead of time to let us know. So we had another Argentine Gatorade and salad at a restaurant instead of being surprised and frustrated at the airport.

Air travel here reminds us of the pre 9/11 days. No need to remove shoes, no need to fuss with liquids in little baggies, no long lines at security, no jockeying for position to pre-board or board the plane, and no fighting for overhead bin space. LAN managed to deplane and reload our aircraft in 17 minutes. Board from the front and back of the plane at the same time. No kidding! And passengers were patient, polite, and efficient. Oh and we got free snack boxes and drinks on the flight. Take that USA airlines!

Mendoza airport has a grand total of 3 gates. The bathrooms were clean, the airport as a whole was clean. There was no pushing, shoving, standing for hours, or cranky staff. Delayed flight? Yes. Angry passengers? No!

Today we walked and geocached in Mendoza. Today is another holiday in Argentina so most places were closed. We hit the parks and enjoyed the warm temps and the shade. We found our first geocache in Argentina today, a little container hidden in a hole in a tree. Great find for Devlin was the Argentina flag pin. Score!

Beyond finding money, we have no set plans for tomorrow in Buenos Aires. I suspect we will explore the area on foot and gather our bearings. Oh and geocache a bit,  eat some steak.

Irrigation water flowing in the cobblestone lined ditches.

Irrigation water flowing in the cobblestone lined ditches. Our taxi driver told us there are more than 4000 kilometers of irrigation channels like this in Mendoza!


Tile work on the benches at Plaza España.

Thank you Hilton Diamond status and the free room!

Thank you Hilton Diamond status and the free room in Buenos Aires!


Plaza España

Plaza España tiles in Mendoza.


Our first geocache find in Argentina.


Our picnic view at Plaza Chile

Our picnic lunch view at Plaza Chile in Mendoza.


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