Good and Bad

Let’s start with the bad so I can get it out of the way and focus on the good:

My phone was stolen from my purse this afternoon. My purse that has three closed, zippered pockets and was cross strapped on my chest. We were in a bookstore (largest in South America) that used to be a theater. The searing levels now hold bookshelves, and the stage is a cafe! It was beautiful, I had taken pictures (along with many others), and slid my phone back into its dedicated zipper pocket that is right at my hand level. A few min later, I glanced down and saw the pocket was open and the phone was gone. Professional thief, I’m telling you. We have been so very careful here, and are disappointed to say the least.

I’ll leave all the other details off the Web. We have reported it lost on the phone’s features. It’s a CDMA phone and won’t even work down here. It’s good for nothing but spare parts.

Unfortunately, all my pics from yesterday and today are gone. Too bad, but not the end of the world. That was one downside of using a phone instead of a large camera. However I did so to avoid drawing as much attention to myself as a large camera does. But at least my bag wasn’t ripped off my head! My wallet and other goods are safe.

OK on to better news! Yesterday, after a day on our feet, we went to a Tango show. The music was live, and the band amazing! There was a piano player, violin, bass, and accordian plus two singers. The dancers were beautiful, and their show was a story of Tango history starting right around 1900 through modern times. I think they had 7 costume changes. We were totally impressed and I would go again in an instant.

We also explored the Retiro barrio (neighborhood) and had lunch at one of our favorite places. It was all locals, and the food excellent. They open for breakfast and remind me of a diner. The food was great!

Today our plans were thwarted on multiple avenues. The ranch we wanted to visit is closed all week. The giant public beachside park we took a taxi to was also closed! So we spent the day walking three different barrios. The highlight was definitely Cemeterio de Recoleta. It is a walled city (55,000 Sq meters) but entirely of mausoleum. Most are very old, some new, some well maintained, others look to have been abandoned for a century. I’m bummed about losing these pictures. It’s too far to walk back there, so my memory will have to suffice. But alas, if you are curious, an internet search will give you a good visual and more info than I would ever type. From there we walked a mile to the bookstore, El Ateneo (sneaky phone theviery), and had empanadas for dinner across the street.

One other neat thing we used today is an iPhone app for calling official taxis! You register your device and phone number, use the phone’s location setting, and say you need a taxi. It calls the service via the app, and a driver responds. You then track the driver’s location on the app’s map! When the car came, David’s name was on the driver’s phone so we could confirm each other. Coolest thing ever. And because it’s a reputable taxi company we had less worries about getting ripped off. Worked like a charm!

We all have gotten a kick out of the driving here. Lanes are merely a faint suggestion. Four Lanes across become easily six, and motorcycles weave constantly. So do taxi drivers! We were in a single left turn lane this afternoon that was actually three cars wide. And the traffic lights go green-yellow-red (normal for us) but also red-yellow-green! So you get an advanced warning before the light turns green. Just more opportunity to hit the gas!

The weather tomorrow looks bad, so we may have to lie low. Our feet need a rest, so it’s doubtful we will go out for many miles again. But I’ve been wrong before! We do plan on a picnic dinner dockside here in Puerto Madero and lucky for us, it is where the fireworks will be. That is, we will watch fireworks assuming there is not a torrential downpour. Last night we experienced crazy wind, driving rain, thunder, and lightning – all with temperatures in the low 80s.

Hot and sticky it as been, but usually there is a breeze and therefore lovely in the shade. No complaints, mostly!

This city really is beautiful and despite the setback today, it’s been fantastic.

Not sure how many more pictures I will be able to post tomorrow but I will try to snag a few more. We have enough devices here to make that work.

Hope you all have a happy New Year!


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