Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo!

David reminded us that we get an extra 5 hours of 2015 due to the time change. Yay for us! And because of this trip we also got two summer solstices in 2014. Hooray for summers! We noted that temps here yesterday  in Celsius (34) were about the same as Portland in Fahrenheit (34). I’ll just say that the warm weather has served us well.

Our last full day in Argentina was relaxed to say the least. We did score authentic Argentine World Cup soccer jerseys for about 1/3 the price in the US, and they were made here. Scoooooore! This morning was full of rain and thunderstorms, but it cleared early afternoon and we took advantage for some last minute shopping and a decent walk.

Our flight is tomorrow evening so we booked lunch at a local favorite that we ate at earlier in the week. We may need one more steak before we fly home. But I will admit, some fruits and veggies sound really good right now. I may have to break out the juicer.

The New Year celebrations here are just getting started. It is 1:45am and the people out and about are of all ages and ethnicities. Almost everyone is dressed in white. The little girls are in all white dresses, women in sexy white outfits, and men in white tuxes. Our hotel lobby is all decked out in white. It’s a fun scene.

Fireworks started about a minute before midnight and we had prime viewing down on the water. After 25 minutes the show started to mellow and we headed back for some Argentine bubbly. Our room is 6 floors above a popular nightclub and the hotel is having a huge party with live music. I suspect we will sleep in tomorrow before packing up and stuffing ourselves of Argentine beef one last time.

This has been a great trip, with so much to see, and we have the blistered and cracked feet to prove our pedestrian prowess. Next visit I’d like to head to the countryside for a rural experience. But this trip was great for the history and culture lessons that these old cities and neighborhoods can offer.

Once we get home I’ll post some final thoughts, highlights, and a couple videos. Luckily those videos were backed up prior to my phone being stolen.

Fingers crossed our return home is an uneventful trip despite traveling through two giant airports. Until then, goodnight from Buenos Aires!

Soccer jerseys for us

Soccer jerseys for us


Argentine sparking wine

The obligatory selfie

Puerto Madero fireworks



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