About this blog

We are a family of three. None of us like the typical path. We are willing to make our life on earth an adventure, take the road less traveled. We eat organic, buy farm direct, plant seeds to nourish our family. We are a self-employed network consultant, a civil engineer dreaming to become a photographer, and a young, sensitive, energetic lover of all things living.

Last summer I saw a sign on the side of the road. “Spanish Immersion Public School”  I think to myself, let’s do something different. Challenge our minds. Get out of the mainstream. Let’s try a charter school. Better yet, let’s try a Spanish immersion charter school. Yes. Yes! 

Because, it’s not just about learning a language. It’s the desire to learn about about new cultures, new foods, new music. It’s about thinking beyond our borders, becoming global citizens.

And while we are at it, I have decided blog about the experience. Share with you our joys, frustrations, worries, and most of all our celebrations of small and big successes.


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